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 Giving Feedback 

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James Healy &

Caroline Kilpatrick


Online: 90-minutes


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‘Feedback is a gift’ is a cliché, but ‘feedback is to be politely avoided’ just isn’t sustainable, especially with the upturn in remote working....

Topics addressed

This informative and interactive 2-hour session broaches the thorny topic of giving feedback. It will set out how you can create a healthier culture of feedback within your business, taking the sting out of difficult conversations and creating a better future as a result. We look at the technique of giving good feedback, why people avoid giving it, professional cultures where it’s done well, the optimal timing of it, the different styles we can use to deliver it, and more. 

This workshop is a strong first-step towards ensuring that your business perpetuates a healthy culture of feedback, deployed and nurtured by leaders who are focused as much on their communication skills as they are on the technical work they produce. 

Who this session is for

This is an in-house session that is designed for a group of delegates from the same organisation. It will help build relationships across a leadership team while also enabling individuals to develop and hone their own communication skills.

It is especially pertinent to both new and established leaders in a practice, offering self-awareness and helping to build confidence.


We know that long training sessions do not work well online, so we have repackaged our expertise into a series of modules that last 90-minute to 2-hours. We believe this makes the best of the online format and ensures that delegates get the most from their time with us. 

We like using Zoom but we are happy to use other platforms if preferred by our clients.

We recommend that the number of delegates is limited to between eight and 12. This is so that we can engage with everyone and pick up questions, building on individual and team ideas as each session progresses.

This session is one of the training modules offered through the Colander Online Academy. Each module has been designed to stand alone, but the short format limits the amount of ground that can be covered in each. This means that most clients will require a suite of modules to deliver a rounded training experience, particularly around the wider issues of good leadership and communication. 

To find out more about the training topics addressed through the Colander Online Academy please refer to the related content below and to the training and coaching page on this website. 


Our trainers are both willing and able to support delegates with individual coaching, if people think it would be a helpful follow up to any of the online training sessions.

Our experience of delivering online training has shown that follow up sessions with the trainer - either individually or in pairs, face-to-face or online - have been incredibly useful, helping delegates to embed the learning from the group sessions and relate it to their real life experiences of leading teams.

If appropriate we would be delighted to discuss this with our training clients.


If required, CPD Certificates can be issued to all attendees.

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