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 Fleetwood Mac 

 Creative team working 

‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac has sold 45 million copies (and rising) and is an archetypal story of a team overcoming personal & professional struggles to achieve a timeless end product.


This workshop looks at how they did it, what they did right along the way, what they did wrong along the way and, most importantly what modern teams can learn from it.​

The consistently positive feedback this sessions receives is testament to its ability to immediately impact the harmony and output of teams across the globe. 


Boyletts fondatmental of communication.j

 The fundamentals 

 of communication 

An ability to connect powerfully with other human beings is vital, and even more so in a digital age. Some people do it naturally and make it look easy. Others don't. And many of us fall somewhere in-between.


This session digs into the specifics of the Mind, Body and Voice - how do these elements show-up in truly great communicators and how do we find our own version of it? 

Interactive and fun, the learning here is covers both online and face-to-face communication. 


boyletts Storytelling workshop.jpg

 The art of storytelling 

To begin, at the beginning...


Human beings are hard-wired for story - this much we know...but a recent study at Stanford University found that stories (and their details) are retained x22 more than raw facts alone.


In short: if you want your clients to remember you, your product or your company, then you need to master the art of telling stories. This session will show you how it's done simply and effectively.

Boyletts difficult conversations.jpg

 Managing difficult 


"Success is based on the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have”, says entrepreneur Tim Ferriss.


We know we need to embrace tough interactions at work, and yet every single day we avoid them to some extent - this workshop will leave you relishing the prospect of those difficult conversations and the opportunities they represent. 

Boyletts Give Feedback that sticks.jpg

 Giving feedback 

 that sticks 

'Feedback is a gift’ is a cliché, but ‘feedback is to be politely avoided’ just isn’t sustainable, especially with the upturn in remote working....

This session, examining and understanding the practise of giving feedback, dovetails well with 'Managing Difficult Conversations' and works equally well as a stand-alone.


Participants leave not just with the skill of giving feedback that sticks, but also a deeper understanding of why we are so tempted to avoid giving it. 

Boyletts Making the most of Online Commu

 Making the most of

 communicating online 

"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday” - Dale Carnegie 


...and with COVID-19 exponentially advancing the impact of technology on our everyday working lives, we’re seeing more and more clients start each day dreading their calendars and the stack of exhausting, back-to-back Zoom and Teams meetings lying within. 


This workshop is the antidote to that dread: the antidote to zoom fatigue.

Boylett's Insperational Leadership.jpg

 Inspirational leadership 

Leadership has changed, and changed for the better.


No longer do we subscribe to the norms and cliches of what leadership is and how a leader behaves. Now it is all about agility, emotional intelligence and understanding first why anyone would be led by you before moulding your unique style and ethos.


This session is about you as a leader but also about how your people experience themselves in your presence.  

Boylett's Leading and Reading people.jpg

 Reading & leading  people 

For those of us who hope to convince and influence others, we know that approaching the fundamentals of Jungian Archetypal Psychology in a pragmatic and practical manner yields incredibly tangible and useful results....

Boylett's Peak Performance under pressur

 Peak performance  under pressure 

Peak Performance, or the ‘flow state’, is a sense of fluidity between body and mind when we are totally absorbed and focused upon an activity. It is a satisfying (and productive!) dance between being completely energised and completely relaxed in relation to a task. It’s a feeling that we all know and, if we’re honest, a feeling that most of us struggle to access as often as we’d like to; and it’s even harder to slip into when the pressure is on….

Boylett's Through The Crisis - Dan Jones

 Through the crisis

COVID-19 has had an extraordinary effect on all of our lives: personally and professionally; it is fair to say that our working environments will never be the same again.


This workshop, designed by James Healy in conjunction New York Times Bestselling Historian, Dan Jones, unpicks lessons from similar historical crises and pandemics, then prompts participants to reflect and commit to actions that will help them - and their businesses - thrive through and beyond COVID-19.​

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